Fairford DFE

11kW – 280kW @400VAC General Purpose Soft Starter

The DFE is Fairford’s internally bypassed, non-optimising soft starter which is perfect for panel builders and end users alike. To the user it offers competitive pricing, soft stopping and the removal of high transient currents.

To the panel builder it can easily substitute a Star/Delta starter because it fits into a similar footprint thus simplifying installation.



Internally Bypassed

Reduces cost because the soft starter is out of circuit once it has done its job. This reduces cabinet size and the heat produced which again reduces cost.


Can Substitute Star/Delta Starter

Quicker build time, less maintenance cost, reduced down-time and therefore lower cost of ownership.


Competitive with Star/Delta Starters

Longer life, less maintenance, reduced down-time and therefore lower cost of ownership.


Removal of high transient currents

Star/Delta Starters cause ‘shock loading’ to mechanical systems leading to high rates of contactor failure and increased maintenance costs. The DFE soft starter with its smooth step-less acceleration virtually eliminates these problems.


Simplified Installation

Rapid Build and Install Time.


No Need to Change Layout Drawings

Saves time and cost.



BRO-DFE-001-V03 DFE Brochure