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Packaging Plant – 225kW DC VSD Upgrade

A Meath Based Entertainment Venue had a 225kW ABB Veritron DC Drive on a Conveyor System Application. The ABB unit was over 20 years old with no spares/direct replacements available. The customer was concerned that in the event of an issue with the ABB Drive the loss of production would have had a huge impact on the plant but required reassurance that undertaking an upgrade would not have detrimental effects on the operation. ESC surveyed the application to determine the best solution to adequately meet the customer’s needs. The full parameter set was downloaded, Critical speeds were recorded, digital and analogue inputs/outputs, current and voltage were all monitored and a full pre commissioning pack was completed before the upgrade project was scheduled. During a weekend shutdown the existing VSD was removed, the replacement Sprint PLX DC Controller was installed and the control and power wiring was modified to suit the new unit. The VSD was fully commissioned on the application and the Conveyor system was left ready for the 1st shift on Monday Morning. The schematics were updated and the Conveyor System has operated without issue since.


Cardboard Box Plant – 30kW DC VSD Upgrade

A Dublin based plant for a national paper/cardboard manufacturer that uses ESC for its automation requirements had a 30kW Reliance Maxitron 9000 DC Drive on a Glue Roll Application for the main corrugation line in the factory for over 25 years. The unit began to intermittently trip and required a power cycle to restart. The issue became more frequent so it was decided to install a spare unit removed from a sister application several years ago while also making plans to upgrade the unit to a more modern VSD. The programming software on Windows 95 MS-Dos was still held by ESC meaning we could download the existing parameter file and upload to the replacement unit. The replacement unit ran for several months before it began to have intermittent trips but at this stage the replacement Sprint PLX DC Drive was in stock and a complete upgrade was planned. During an overnight Plant shutdown ESC engineers retrofitted the 30kW Sprint unit into the application. The new unit was programmed and commissioned on the Glue Roller and the Corrugator line was ready production for the 1st shift the following morning.


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