Site Energy Audits

Site Energy Audits


At ESC energy auditing is a key component of the service we provide. Identifying energy saving opportunities for motive applications such as pump and fan installations can reduce a company’s carbon footprint and save thousands of Euro.


For Pump and Fan variable torque applications it’s simple – The Cubed Law.

  • Reducing motor speed by 10%, achieves a 27% reduction in energy consumption
  • Reducing motor speed by 20%, achieves a 48% reduction in energy consumption


Reduce the amount of energy input into the system, without negatively affecting the output(s) is the key objective when proposing an energy saving process or system, as is the key objective that a proposed recommendation is cost effective in relation to implementation costs and payback period.



The key to a successful energy saving project is, understanding how the system is operating before any work is undertaken. By installing energy meters in the field, we can understand where, when and how energy is being used. Then through consultation with the customer we can ascertain if there is any potential energy savings to be made by using automation to reduce the operational time of the application and/or power consumed by the application while in operation. Does that 30kW Fan really need to run at full speed 24 hours a day?


See an example of an ESC energy audit here