Firetrace Automatic Extinguishing Systems
About This Project

Pharmaceutical Plant Electrical Panel Protection

After a risk audit of a Pharmaceutical Premises in Dublin by their global owners, there was a requirement to install an automatic extinguishing system in the Control Room to protect the factory in the event of an electrical fire from one of the 16 Control Panels. Due to the size of the room a conventional Zoned Type Fire Suppression System to protect the entire room was quite expensive. ESC attended site on customers request, surveyed the panels and provided a solution, that would detect an outburst of fire in the panel and this included for 16 separate 2Kg Novec 1230 Firetrace Automatic Extinguishing Systems. The systems were installed and commissioned with no effect on production and are maintained by ESC on an annual basis. The systems were a fraction of the cost of a room suppression system and offer a quicker response in the individual panel in the event of an issue.


Water Treatment Plants Electrical Panel Protection

A County Council Survey of 11 Water Treatment Plants found that the risk from an electrical fire was cause for concern. The sites are generally unmanned with remote signals providing operators with alarm signals in the event of an issue. ESC were tasked with providing a solution to combat the Electrical Fire risk in all 11 sites. We attended each site and surveyed panels, we specified a suitable Direct Firetrace system for each panel and we installed the systems with no impact on plant operations. The pressure switches are connected to the SCADA system on site so that in the event of an activation or leak the plant operator will be notified. The systems are maintained annually by ESC.


Diesel Generator Protection

A nationwide transport customer had a small fire due to some spilled diesel on a generator back up system. The fire was minor but the customer realised the potential for a loss of property and life should the fire have gotten out of control. On the customer’s request, ESC designed and installed an Indirect Firetrace System with 2 x 9Kg ABC Dry Powder Cylinders on the Diesel Generator. The Sensor tubing was positioned around all the risk areas of the generator and the discharge pipework was positioned in order to flood the Generator with Powder in the event of a fire. The Pressure Switches are connected to the local fire alarm to notify the operator in the event of a leak or a system activation.


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