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AC Variable Speed Drives
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Entertainment Arena – 500kW VSD Upgrade

A Dublin Entertainment Venue had a 500kW Vacon CX Variable Speed Drive on a Heating/Ventilation application since the year 2000. The VSD was critical to the operations of the venue so ESC carried out an annual service on the unit to monitor performance, carry out electrical measurement checks and verify the unit was operating as normal. During one of these annual service visits it was noticed that the current on 1 phase was higher than the other 2 phases, and the unit was in current limit when ramping up to full speed. There was also a whining noise from the AC line chokes which caused us concern. Due to the critical nature of the application and the lack of spares available for the now obsolete Vacon CX unit, ESC offered a replacement Danfoss Vacon 100 500kW, 3Phase 400VAC, 920AmpVSD. A planned shutdown period of 3 days was arranged and the existing CX unit was removed and the new Danfoss Vacon 100 VSD was installed. Fast Acting Semi-Conductor fuses were added to the Power Circuit and the unit was commissioned and back in action within 2 days.


Water Treatment Plant – Failed 250kW ABB Variable Speed Drive Replacement

A Wicklow based Waste Water Treatment plant had 2 x 250kW ABB ACS Variable Speed Drives as a duty standby arrangement on a pump application. In 2017 a major failure of a 250kW ABB ACS Variable Speed Drive. The unit was surveyed and deemed unviable for repair due to the internal damage caused. The customer looked at several suppliers for a replacement unit but chose ESC thanks to our proven track record. ESC attended site to survey what would be required for the works, the ABB VSD was housed within a 600mm x 2000mm x 600mm Rittal TS panel which would accommodate the 250kW Danfoss Vacon 100 VSD. ESC attended site, removed the ABB unit from the enclosure and installed the Danfoss Vacon unit without any issues. The unit was programmed and setup for CANopen Control and the customer was happy with the outcome. Following on from that project, in mid-2018 the 2nd ABB unit failed in the same way and an additional 250kW Danfoss Vacon 100 FLOW Variable Speed Drive was supplied and installed by ESC.


Food Manufacturing Plant – Supply and Commission Danfoss VLT FC302

An existing West of Ireland Food Manufacturing Facility Firetrace Customer had a small conveyor system project which required a Danfoss VLT AC Variable Speed Control. As ESC are now an approved Danfoss VLT supplier we were able to supply the 30kW and 7.5kW Variable Speed Drives to the customer and attend site to commission the units on the conveyor application. The units were controlled by Profibus Communications and were up and running in a matter of hours. The customer was provided with a full parameter file and commissioning report upon completion.


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