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Waste Processing Facility – 250kW Soft Starter Replacement

A Waste Processing Facility in Co. Cork had a failure of a 250kW ABB Soft Starter on a Thursday afternoon. The unit was on a shredder application and without the shredder they facility could not process any waste. Downtime was critical and with no spare units on site and after having no success sourcing a replacement ABB unit, they contacted ESC to see if we could help. We attended site the following morning with a Fairford Synergy Soft Starter Unit. The existing unit was removed and the panel was easily modified to suit the Fairford unit as it had a smaller footprint. The Synergy unit was commissioned and the plant was back up and running less than 24 hours after the initial problem.

Water Treatment Plant – 22kW Soft Starter Upgrade

A Water Treatment Plant was having issues with intermittent trips from an obsolete Mitsubishi Soft Starter.  The unit was still operating but had become unreliable. ESC quoted an upgrade for the 22kW unit and the works were planned for a time when there would be no impact on water operations. The 22kW unit was installed and commissioned on the application with no issue and the intermittent fault issue has been resolved. The customer also decided to install Power Monitors on the panel which is linked to the Telemetry system so that an assessment of power consumption can be undertaken to see if there are any energy savings to be made.


Star Delta Starter Upgrade – 2 x 55kW Pumps

A City Council Water Division was having issues with 2 Star Delta Controlled 55kW pumps that were installed to combat flooding in a Dublin Suburb. Local residents complained of voltage dips during times of heavy rainfall and upon investigation it was found that the 55kW pumps were causing the issue. ESC proposed a solution by putting a Synergy Soft Starter in the Delta Loop of the Motor Circuit thus greatly reducing the initial power spike caused by the Star Delta Starter. Panel Space was at a premium but both units were installed and commissioned and no further residential complaints have been lodged.


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