Motor Control Annual Service Contracts

Annual Service Contracts for Motor Control Systems


ESC can offer Annual Service Contracts for all types of Motor Control Systems. With production down time being such a critical issue for the majority of customers, being proactive with Motor Control Systems is an excellent way to reduce breakdowns and hasten turnaround times. We have several service contracts with customers that cannot afford long delays in the event of a breakdown. For these customers we can offer the following:


Site Surveys

A lot of customers do not know what motor control equipment they have until something breaks and sometimes that is too late. ESC can attend site and survey all motor control systems regardless of the manufacturer. We will record parameter settings, operational data, fault history and any other relevant information and compile a complete site folder for the customer. Any motor control system that is added/modified or removed will be updated in the site folder and kept as an ongoing backup. An annual visit can then be undertaken as required to check faults and operational data to pre-empt any future potential issues before they happen.


Spares Stock

For critical applications with a motor control device, it is always wise for the customer to have a spare unit available should a failure occur. It may be the case that one spare unit can act as a spare for multiple applications thus saving on costs. ESC carry a full range of Motor Control spares up to 315kW so in the unfortunate event that a spare was required, we would more than likely have a suitable unit in stock. Alternatively ESC can hold dedicated spare stock for a customer.


Year Round Support

ESC can be contacted 24/7, 365 days a year on +353(0)45486063. Regardless of the location we will always endeavour to attend site as quick as possible in the event of a critical breakdown. For customers who require more exact response times, ESC offer annual service contracts with agreed response times to site upon the receipt of a phone call.