Firetrace Support

Firetrace Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Service


Along with being an approved Firetrace Automatic Extinguishing System Distributor, ESC can offer full product support in the following forms:



On the receipt of any application schematic or description, ESC can specify a suitable extinguishant, system type, cylinder size, sensor requirements and associated components for each system. Installing the correct system size and type is critical when protecting an application and ESC have the training and experience to choose the right system for the application.



ESC hold in stock a large quantity of cylinders, sensor tubing, pressure switches, connections and associated components. Full systems can be shipped anywhere in Ireland for next day delivery.



The Firetrace system is only effective if it has been installed correctly. As certified installation engineers with over 30 years’ experience, we can attend site with a complete system and install as per the manufacturers guidelines. Every system is bespoke as every application is different so experience is key when installing Sensor Tubing to best protect an application.



In some cases a system can be installed by a competent person using guidelines we can provide. If required ESC can attend site post installation and commission the Firetrace System to ensure all is in order. A Commissioning Certificate can then be issued to confirm the system has been installed as per manufacturer’s guidelines.



Having a Firetrace system installed on any risk application is an effective and price friendly method of protection but should a system remain unchecked then the likelihood of it operating correctly in the event of an issue is greatly reduced. ESC have multiple service contracts with customers all over Ireland and we undertake annual service visits to verify systems are operational, test alarm signals and to rectify any issues found.