VLT® Midi Drive FC280

The VLT® Midi Drive FC 280 delivers flexible and efficient motor control for use in a wide variety of automation and machine-building applications in the food and beverage, material handling and processing industries.

This medium-power-range drive is strong on control performance and functional safety and offers flexible fieldbus communication. Space requirements and costs can be reduced thanks to its compact design and integrated functionality such as DC chokes, RFI filters, Safe Torque Off (STO) and brake choppers.

VLT Midi Drive is prepared for compatibility with the VLT® 2800. Its exterior dimensions, cable connections, cable lengths and set-up software tools enable easy retrofit in established plants or machinery concepts.


Supply voltages and power range

3 x 380-480 V / 0.5 – 30 HP [0.37 – 22 kW]
3 x 200-240 V / 0.5 – 5 HP [0.37 – 3.7 kW]
1 x 200-240 V / 0.5 – 3 HP [0.37 – 2.2 kW]


Features and benefits

  • Easy and fast installation and set-up
  • Cost savings thanks to integrated functionality
  • No need for extra cooling equipment or to oversize the drive as it is designed to operate at 45°C ambient temperature at full load and up to 55°C with derating
  • Power supply quality improved and DC capacitor lifetime extended due to integrated DC choke
  • Panel space savings thanks to compact design



Conveyors, mixers, packaging systems, pumps, fans and compressors.


PC tools

VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 10
VLT® Motion Control Tool MCT 31
Danfoss HCS (Harmonic Calculation Software)
Danfoss Servo Sizer
VLT® Energy Box




VLT Midi Drive FC280 Brochure